Croner LKE


The new Croner. Ahead of time.
Go the extra mile with the truck that makes every moment count.

Inspired by Time

Croner is named after Chronos, the god of time in Greek mythology. Croner because it saves you time – and that saves you money. It means more time on the road and less time in the workshop. So you and your customers stay happy longer.

Croner is built to save your business time with a host of features – adding up minutes, hours and days saved with reliability to keep you running on the road for years.

Croner saves you days with service intervals longer than the industry standard. And hours upon hours with smart aftersales support, driver training, and accessible parts that give you faster maintenance. With a comfortable cab, high torque UD engines and our best-ever fuel efficiency, Croner makes every moment count on every run you make.

Croner keeps your business moving on time, every time. With maximised productivity and minimised downtime, it’ll deliver satisfaction to you – and your customers – for years, no matter what the task.

General specifications

Axle configuration 4×2
GVW 12t; 14t
EngineEngine series GH5E
PowerEngine power range 180Hp(136kW), 210Hp(157kW), 240Hp(179kW)
Torque NmEngine torque range 750, 825, 900
Transmission 6-speed MT, 6-speed AT
Brake type Full air braking system, automatic slack adjuster, spring-based parking brakes, exhaust brake system
ECSEmission control system Euro3,4* (*depending on markets ECS)
Usage Cargo, Dump

Wide range of choices to keep every type of business on schedule

Croner is a versatile medium-duty truck platform you can rely on. Three GVW ranges and a wide choice of wheelbases offer up to 21 different basic configurations with additional driveline, PTO and job-specific customization. Croner will get the job done faster, better and safer than ever before.

Compact-sized medium-duty truck optimised for urban usage, with better maneuverability for narrow roads and city deliveries

GVW 10.4T – 11T
Engine (GH5E)
• 180hp/136kw (Euro-3)
• 210hp/157kw (Euro-3, Euro-4)
• 240hp/179kw (Euro-4)

• Manual 6-Speed
• Automatic 6-Speed

• 2.1m Day/Sleeper

Flexible cabin layout

The MKE and LKE models come with a choice of day cab or sleeper cab, both with a 2.1-meters width.
• The day cab allows for more load and utility space since it’s more compact.
• The sleeper cab improves driver comfort and efficiency on long-and medium-haul drives.

Flexible, powerful driveline

The new 5-litere engine, powered by UD Trucks’ advanced technology, combine reliability with top-class performance. Delivering high torque from low rev with flat torque curves, this modern engine provides:
• Better pulling power and easier driving.
• Improved fuel efficiency.
• Extended maintenance intervals.
• Longer life of the engine.

Robust manual and automatic transmissions

All Croner models come with a choice of reliable and durable manual and automatic transmissions.
• The manual 6-speed transmission is robust and durable, and able to cope with the toughest demands in various operation conditions.
• The highly reliable automatic transmissions, optimised for on-road logistics and garbage compactors, are factory installed and available for all models.

Fuel Efficiency

Maximize your operating hours with increased fuel efficiency

UD Trucks prides itself in offering you the package that suits your needs. Croner uses fuel efficiently and without waste. Using less fuel every minute means going further and longer at lower cost.

The 5-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine

The GH5E delivers fuel-efficient daily duty work for a wide range of applications.
• Efficient output and high torque allows for engine ‘downsizing’ without compromises.
• Power/torque: 180hp/750 Nm, 210hp/825 Nm, 240hp/900 Nm* (Euro-3/*Euro-4)

UD Telematics services

Our designed solutions are aimed at encouraging better driving behaviour and protection of fuel assets:
• Fuel utilisation reports to demonstrate how the truck and driver are performing.
• Fuel advisory services to improve driving behaviour.
• Fuel loss alert to prevent theft or misuse of fuel.
• A cable-connected fuel follow-up tool is also available.

Advanced precision for top-level fuel efficiency

At the heart of Croner is the new 5-litre GH5E engine developed by UD Trucks, it features state-of-the-art technology with high torque of up to 900 Nm and fuel efficiency as key strengths to give optimal performance.

With maximum torque delivered from low revs and in the “green band” – that is, a flat torque curve with a wider max-torque band – the GH engine operates efficiently and without excess revving. This means better pulling power with less fuel consumed and less component wear.

Fuel coaching

The best way to improve driving behaviour is to get coaching in real time.
• All Croner models are equipped with a built-in fuel coach, an onboard solution clearly displayed at the center of the instrument cluster, giving instructions in real time.
• Fuel coaching improves driving behaviour by prompting driver to use optimal revs and reduce unnecessary acceleration.

Driver Efficiency

More space, comfort and convenience for drivers all the time

Croner’s cabin has been designed to be the perfect ‘office’ for drivers, with a pleasant overall appearance, logical control scheme and numerous features for driver comfort and convenience.

Clear and simple driver environment

The ergonomically designed dashboard presents all information clearly to the operator, with all important controls logically placed and clearly marked for maximum ease of use.

Digital driver’s information display

An easy-to-read instrument cluster is backed up by the digital multi-function display (MFD). Croner is one of the few medium-duty trucks to have this as a standard feature in all models.

Sleeper cab for the long haul

Rested drivers deliver better: A sleeper cab configuration is also available, with a single bunk bed for long-haul operations.

Easy to enter and exit

The two-step entry allows for a quick and safe entry and exit with a first step positioned for easy cabin access and an ergonomic entry-handle.


Built to be safe and secure in the race against time

UD Trucks leaves nothing to chance and that includes safety. Croner’s active and passive safety features protect your company’s precious resources – the people, the fleet, and the customer’s cargo – as well as the surrounding traffic.


Stable handling platform

Croner is designed with excellent handling and stability that is further improved with an optional front anti-roll bar. For trucks with a high superstructure, such as mixers, this additional stability is a key safety feature.

Superior braking performance

S-cam air brakes with automatic slack adjustment provide effective stopping power, anti-lock brake system with electronic brakeforce distribution are standard with rear leaf suspension and optional with air leaf suspension. This system makes Croner future-proof, as ABS will be a legal safety requirement in many markets in the near future.

Clear illumination for all situations

Superior visibility with standard headlamps featuring optional height adjustment, optional fog lights and optional daytime running lights.


Strong and durable steel frame

Croner’s steel frame provides strength and safety, while the reinforced cabin has been developed under strict deflection, crash and durability targets, and is designed to meet Japanese safety requirements of a flat barrier impact at 40km/h.

Optional front/rear underrun protection

All variants of Croner are available with ECE R93 and ECE R58.02 compliant front and rear underrun protection as an option, effectively protecting other vehicles and road users.


Daytime running lamps are an option for Croner. They increase the visibility of the vehicle for the benefit of other road users.

Product Uptime

Engineered to be durable. Designed to run around the clock

With Croner we have created a reliable and durable truck, built with proven robust components without compromising on quality. This allows for longer time between scheduled service intervals. Simply put, an enduring and easily serviced truck, so you’ll spend less time on maintenance and more time making money on the road.

GH engine

• Proven global technology with strenuously tested reliability and durability.
• Enhanced component design, manufacturing and testing process to provide best-in-class performance.
• Long oil change intervals reduce maintenance cost and increase uptime.


• Built with endurance in mind, the Croner’s transmission is a proven solution tested by experts with decades of experience in medium-duty trucks.
• A robust twin-countershaft design enables it to reach a higher reliability level than typical medium-duty trucks.

Axle capacity

• Croner has the highest axle capacity in its class.
• Increased carrying capacity delivering more uptime and productivity in heavy load use such as construction.
• In other words, it can carry more than typical medium-duty trucks, with the ultimate reliability and durability expected of a UD truck.

Upgraded high-tensile steel chassis frame

• Built for durability and safety with millions of kilometres of durability testing.
• Frame with the highest tensile limit (strength) in its class.
• Engineered to be strong yet flexible based on globally proven technology and experience.
• Flexibility ensures chassis components perform well and reduce cargo stress.

Front and rear suspension

• Croner offers several reliable and durable options from leaf spring to air suspension.
• A heavy-duty version of the multi-leaf spring suspension is available with higher stiffness and strength.
• Increased carrying capacity delivering more uptime and productivity in heavy load use such as construction.
• Optional air suspension is available for factory option to meet customer demand for transport quality of sensitive freight.

Brakes foundation

• A full air braking system with reliable S-cam type drum brakes is offered on all variants.
• Croner has a larger capacity of brake drum and linings than other trucks in its class.
• Larger brake capacity provides better stopping power and lasts longer between service intervals.
• Less need for maintenance and replacing parts means boosted uptime, hence saving lifetime costs.

Uptime Support

Maximise uptime

Make the most out of every moment from service and parts to on-road support and driver training, it’s our complete solution that you can rely on to keep your truck running.

Optimised service planning

We know what’s best to keep your trucks on the road. Allowing us to take care of your truck’s preventive maintenance means we create a pre-defined and optimized service schedule for your trucks based on your specific usage requirements. Detailed service planning helps to:
• Reduce workshop visits.
• Optimise service intervals for maximum uptime.
• Lessen and shorten maintenance tasks needed.

Oil changes and regular fluid renewal are vital for any vehicle. Croner has been designed to go even further between its scheduled oil change and other major fluid service intervals. Plus, the actual time taken to complete these maintenance tasks has been shortened. This means less time in the workshop and more time on the road.

MOTORCARE UD Genuine Service

Nobody knows your trucks better than our experts.
UD Genuine Service is carried out at authorised MOTORCARE UD Trucks workshops that have:
• Highly skilled MOTORCARE UD mechanics and service teams.
• Access to UD Trucks special tools and diagnostic equipment.
• Top-quality UD Genuine Parts to keep your trucks in optimum condition.

UD Genuine Parts

UD Genuine Parts are manufactured to the highest quality and durability standards and are a genuine long-term cost saver. UD Genuine Parts have many important benefits:
• A one-year warranty.
• Designed and tested to last for optimal service intervals.
• Fewer stops for maintenance and increased uptime.
• Reduced overall cost per kilometre.

MOTORCARE UD Support – We’ve got your back 24/7

You never have to worry about unexpected standstills again. Our fast and efficient MOTORCARE UD Road Support team is just a phone call away, providing repair services at your convenience to get you back on the road in the shortest time possible.

When your truck experiences a standstill, follow these three simple steps:
Step 1: Dial the MOTORCARE UD Support service numbers. Contact Details
Step 2: MOTORCARE UD Service Vehicles will be dispatched to breakdown site.
Step 3: Receive a maintenance report and invoice upon completion of repairs.

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